Zach Rawlings, PsyD

Dr. Rawlings engages a psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral approach to support clients struggling with a variety of trauma-based struggles, such as anxiety, excessive fear, and relationship difficulties. He has specialized training in EMDR, an integrative psychotherapy that helps clients heal from traumatic experiences.

Dr. Rawlings holds master’s degrees in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Applied Psychology, and a PsyD in clinical psychology from Long Island University, C. W. Post. Prior to completing his doctorate, Dr. Rawlings worked as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and has worked for several nonprofits and in a variety of hospital settings over the past several years. He currently works with a research group through Yale University that aims to create evidence-based treatments for LGBTQ+ individuals suffering from depression and anxiety. His work and writing have been featured in The Huffington Post and Vice.

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