EMDR Group for Pregnancy Loss

This group uses Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) techniques to help individuals process the emotional aspects of pregnancy loss. EMDR is an evidence-based integrative psychotherapy approach that alleviates emotional distress associated with upsetting experiences. You can read more about the EMDR approach here


The work you will do in this group will help you feel calmer, more resilient, and help you regain your balance. This group is short term and participants can expect to attend 1-4 group sessions total. Any participants who are in need of further therapeutic support will be provided with an appropriate referral. 


When: Offered twice a month (June Dates: 6/18/20 and 6/25/20, 7-8:30pm)*


Where: Zoom


Fee: $100 per group (If you have out of network benefits with your health insurance, you may be able to obtain partial reimbursement for this group. Dr. Alpern will provide a receipt to submit to your insurance upon request.)

*Each group will be approximately 75-90 minutes long, depending on participant registration. 

A free phone consultation is required prior to enrollment in group. Please email or text Dr. Pria Alpern (646-504-9516; priaalpernphd@gmail.com) to schedule a phone consultation. 

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