The Jodi Project

The Jodi Project is Here for You.

Despite the pressing need for accessible mental health services in New York City, finding an affordable therapist remains a significant barrier to treatment. The Jodi Project offers sliding scale psychotherapy services ($60-$120/session) to individuals based on their income, with therapy services provided by Center Psychology Group clinicians.

The Mission.


The Jodi Project exists for people with limited financial resources who do not have affordable mental health coverage through their health insurance.


The Jodi Project upholds Center Psychology Group’s overarching mission to provide affirming, culturally responsive psychotherapy to people of all identities.

Personalized Care.
The Jodi Project provides individuals with compassionate, individualized care to meet their unique needs.

Get Started Today.

Individuals interested in starting therapy through The Jodi Project can schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation with a member of our team.  

Let's Go!