About Us

Work Backed by Expertise.

Center Psychology Group is run by a team of doctoral-level psychotherapists with extensive training in clinical practice, theory, and research. With this foundation of knowledge and experience, we empower people to find their center, overcome challenges, and live a healthy life, no matter what obstacles they face.

Our Therapists: Pria Alpern, Ph.D. / Vanessa Hartmann, Ph.D. / Dana Ludmer, PsyD / Evangeline Lehr, Ph.D. 

Our Core Beliefs.

Strengthen Resilience.
People have an innate capacity for resilience that can be strengthened through therapy.
Stay Connected.
A positive, attuned, and communicative relationship with your therapist is essential to your healing process.
Remain Integrative.
Integrative psychology reflects a holistic approach to health that combines different treatment approaches to meet your unique needs.

A Compassionate Approach.

Our onboarding process reflects our overall philosophy to provide warm, compassionate care. We are sensitive to life’s challenges and we listen carefully to understand what you are going through and what you want from your work with us. By connecting and learning about who you are as a person, we can then individualize a program that feels meaningful and productive to you.