Feeling stuck?

Trauma therapy can help.

Center Psychology Group is a New York therapy practice with clinicians specializing in treating trauma. 

Trauma is when the body reacts to the present with a painful response rooted in past experiences. Whether you survived a trauma event recently or feel trapped by one from long ago, our clinicians’ combination of empathic warmth and evidence-based approaches will help you gain relief.

We Can Help You Get to Where You Want to Go.

Our therapists have advanced training in specialized trauma psychotherapies, including EMDR, mindfulness, and somatic approaches. These modalities all rely on tracking internal bodily sensations, because research shows that unresolved trauma is held in the body and in the nervous system. When we work with clients, we seek to truly know each person as an individual and to tailor treatments accordingly in an environment that prioritizes safety and collaboration.  

Individual trauma therapy

Let’s create a tailored treatment plan to alleviate emotional distress from past memories.

Group Sessions

Experience the power of healing with others who can relate to what you’re experiencing.


For Clinicians

Center Psychology Group founder Pria Alpern PhD offers supervision and continuing education in trauma-focused modalities.

The Potential is in You, Always.

Maybe you are dealing with loss or unresolved trauma that is making you feel stuck in your life. Perhaps you are adjusting to college, to a new job, or to a new baby. Whatever brings you to us, we believe in your potential to grow through your experiences. Our approach potentiates your inner resources, your capacity for healing, and your natural leaning for personal growth.