Group Sessions

Group sessions at Center Psychology Group foster healing within a supportive, confidential group setting. Our programs below are typically between 75-90 minutes long and held on the Zoom platform. A free phone consultation is required prior to enrollment in a group.

Trauma Recovery Group

When: Wednesdays | 5pm-6:15 pm
Where: Zoom (Virtual invite only)

Fee: $35/session

This weekly group supports individuals in trauma recovery. This group uses a combination of psychoeducation, stabilization and skills training, and group process to achieve the following goals:

  • Increase understanding of the impact of trauma on the brain and nervous system
  • Decrease sense of isolation and shame
  • Increase ability to regulate emotions and enhance coping skills

This group takes place on a confidential, virtual platform. Individuals who are already working with other providers and are seeking a group as an adjunct to existing treatment are welcome. It is strongly recommended that all members already be in treatment with an individual therapist or psychiatrist (referrals will be provided if requested).

An initial consultation is required prior to starting the group. Please email group facilitator, Sasha Mann, MA (, to join. 

*This group is appropriate for individuals who have survived a breadth of traumatic experiences, including (but not limited to): physical violence, gender-based violence, racial trauma, loss, relationship trauma, etc.

Individual Psychotherapy

Supporting adolescents and adults navigating personal challenges and life transitions.


A trauma-focused therapy, designed to alleviate emotional distress from past memories.

Group Sessions

Experience the power of healing with others who can relate to what you are going through.