Continuing Education

Center Psychology Group is an EMDRIA-approved provider of continuing education programs. Our programs cover a range of topics related to birth trauma, complex trauma, dissociation, and the practice of EMDR through an anti-oppressive lens. 

Current live and on-demand learning programs can be found below:

EMDR with Survivors of Racial and Cultural Oppression

(5/17/24, 12-2pm, 2 EMDRIA credits)

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Join us for a live webinar (5/17/24, 12-2pm EST) to learn clinical adaptations to practicing EMDR through an anti-oppressive, culturally grounded lens with survivors of racial and cultural oppression. Participants will increase their cultural awareness and humility as they learn clinical adaptations to EMDR that accompany practicing EMDR through an anti-oppressive lens and will learn culturally grounded interventions to incorporate into their clinical practice when working with individuals who have experienced trauma related to racial and cultural oppression. Dr. Alpern will teach participants about legacy attuned resourcing, target identification procedures for social and cultural oppression, and will teach participants how to clarify negative cognitions (NCs) as they relate to racialized experiences. Participants will come away equipped with deeper knowledge and clinical tools to integrate into their EMDR practice.

A certificate for 2 EMDRIA CEUs is included in the price of the training. Eligibility for the credits is restricted to those who have completed an EMDRIA-Approved Basic EMDR Training.

Birth Trauma Recovery: Overview, Assessment, and History Taking

(5/24/24, 12-2pm, 2 EMDRIA credits, 2 PSI credits)

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This live webinar (5/24/24, 12-2pm EST) provides a comprehensive overview of relevant research literature on birth trauma and offers assessment and history taking recommendations when working with birth trauma survivors. 

A certificate for 2 EMDRIA CEUs and 2 PSI CEUs is included in the price of the training. 

For Credit Continuing Education Programs

We provide EMDRIA-approved CE trainings on birth trauma, complex trauma, dissociation, and the practice of EMDR through an anti-oppressive lens.

Continuing Education for perinatal care providers

Center Psychology Group shares our expertise in screening for birth trauma and sourcing appropriate treatments.

EMDR Consultation

Dr. Alpern facilitates individual and group EMDR consultation to support clinicians learning how to integrate EMDR into their clinical practice.