EMDR Consultation

Dr. Alpern, an EMDRIA-approved EMDR consultant, facilitates consultation groups to support clinicians who wish to deepen their skills and learn how to integrate EMDR into their clinical practice. Her consultation style is warm and collaborative. Her focus in consultation is to help therapists build their confidence and develop a mature understanding of the practice of EMDR in an intersectional context.

Consultation groups are 120 minutes long and meet on the third Friday of each month (on Zoom) between September and June. Each group is limited to 8 participants to support a hands-on, collaborative practice of EMDR in a collegial space. The structure of the consultation group involves case consultation, practice, trouble-shooting stuck points through role-play, and case presentations. Participants are expected to arrive at each consultation group with questions and case material (process notes are encouraged).

If you are interested in scheduling individual consultation with Dr. Alpern, email her at dralpern@centerpsychologygroup.com.

EMDR Consultation Group w/Dr. Alpern (Coming Soon)

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For Credit Continuing Education Programs

We provide EMDRIA-approved CE trainings on birth trauma, complex trauma, dissociation, and the practice of EMDR through an anti-oppressive lens.

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EMDR Consultation

Dr. Alpern facilitates individual and group EMDR consultation to support clinicians learning how to integrate EMDR into their clinical practice.